Brenna & Ben, Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding

When I tell people I work in the wedding industry I immediately get the response of, “Wow! That must be awful working with Bridezillas all the time.” But to be honest, God has truly blessed me with THE MOST WONDERFUL brides and Mother of the Bride’s and I count each and every one as a gift from God. Even the more difficult ones. 🙂

But there are those few brides that are just so very special that they will always hold a dear place in my heart. And today I am so overjoyed to share one of these brides and her beau with you.  This is the beautiful Brenna and her sweetheart Ben. 🙂


From our first conversation I just knew she was one of the good ones! She has one the kindest hearts of anyone I’ve ever met.


I was always THRILLED to get a new message from her as I knew it would brighten my whole day!! As she shared about her life and her wonderful fiance Ben, I just grew to love her more and she is just such a dear friend to me now.


She and Ben got married in the incredibly beautiful mountains of Colorado.


Ben even surprised Brenna with a song he wrote about how much he loves her and their life together and sang it to her during the ceremony.   I’d say he’s a keeper! 🙂







Brenna had me create a Dinner Menu and a few Dessert Menu’s for their reception and I just had so much fun coming up with something special for them!

Dinner Menu

They chose to have a wedding cake along with a variety of their favorite cupcakes, which I totally LOVE the idea of.

wedding cake signs


Vanilla Cookie Dough Cake?! With Kahlua Marscapone Filling?! And Buttercream Frosting?! I don’t think I would share that with ANYONE.


Without having even met them in person, Brenna & Ben’s love for one another is so evident and beautiful that I know it’s a love that will last a lifetime and I am truly blessed to have gotten to glimpse in to their love story.


Photography: Two One Photography

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